Water Treatment - MESWP Process

Thanks to its specific know-how, MARCOPOLO has developed advanced technologies for the treatment of landfill leachate or of industrial plants which can be used in various sectors (textiles, food industry, paper industry ...).
The activities performed by MARCOPOLO in the treatment of waste water are the following:

  • design, construction and management of on-site purification plants of landfill leachate, industrial sewage, urban and livestock, to desalinate brackish water and for industrial water demineralization
  • remediation
  • commercial management of renting purification plant
  • management and study of the cycle of industrial water
  • rental and managemente of purification plant for landifll leachate

MARCOPOLO system provides an exhaust falling within the parameters set by the regulations in force concerning protection of water that can be used for many activities such as process water.

The same technology is used for the bioactivation and recycling of the concentrate obtained from landfill leachate, resulting in improvement and acceleration of the methanogenesis in the mineralization of the waste .