MARCOPOLO's closed-loop

When waste becomes a resource

Can we combine production activities, typical of modern societies, with respect and protection of  the environment? In other words, can we create a virtuous chain whereby what is considered "waste" by man, may be, however, returned to the environment as a new resource?

The group carries on principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability, with the collaboration of primary italian and foreign universities, the production of green alternative energy through the recovery and destruction of landfill biogas, the production of renewable energy through biomass, wind power, hydroelectric power, district heating, solar thermal, photovoltaics, as well as developing new projects such as geothermal power and gasification of woody.

MARCOPOLO entrepreneurial activity and research, for over thirty years, is being driven by the philosophy of originating  a real "closed loop" in the environment; technical, scientific and industrial tools are existing and today we can definitely talk about valorization of by-products and scraps, turning them into electricity and heating or in  essential amendments, reusable in organic agriculture and quality.




MARCOPOLO translates these concepts in practice by the “QST” (QUANTITY, SPACE, TIME) where:

Q = Quantity of masses to recover ; S = Space to dedicate as available/necessary surfaces ; T = Operating Time dedicated to technology/process in balance with biological times of the various natural processes already existing by millions of years