Our principles


With BEBSSS!!®  we mean all MARCOPOLO ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP philosophy to get the REAL biological.

Our philosophy is translated industrially by the following principles:

  1. Clearing the air by what is one of the worst causes of acid rain, by implementing the securing of landfills after they have been filled with urban solid waste, through the collection of landfill toxic and harmful biogas  produced for around thirty years during anaerobic degradation of waste, and its destruction used as fuel to produce green energy = direct BEBSSS!!®
  2. Recovering the surplus of animal manure produced in intensive livestock farming with reference to European legislation of nitrates, requalifying lands subjected to such farming and normalizing them, obtaining safety for industry and workers, resulting in healthier foods for animals, unpolluting aquifers and rivers and cleaner water for watering animals and irrigation = direct BEBSSS!!®
    • Transforming animal manure in green energy reducing the use of fossil and input of CO2, through methanogenesis and the vegetable balance of algae that digest the carbon dioxide producing oxygen = direct BEBSSS!! 
    • Transforming animal manure into humus ANENZY ® specifically designed to requalify lands subjected to monocultures, bringing fertility and microbiodiversity, specialized to degrade chemical residues derived from the massive use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers= direct BEBSSS!!®
    • In the field of microtechnology, Marcopolo is boasting thirty years of scientific experience to turn the water derived from the valorization of animal manure   digested  broth  Living Water ®" in HUMUS  ANENZY® sterilized liquid, enriched with degrading microorganisms, to be used also in foliar treatments of agricultural crops, victims of the continuing acid deposition= direct BEBSSS!!®
  3. Producing the consortium of microorganisms not genetically modified ENZYVEBA ®, which is at the basis of the whole sector of biotransformation and direct process of remediation at: landfills, purifier, unhealthy factories, polluted industrial areas, oil polluted areas= direct BEBSSS!!®
  4. Producing green energy from the sun - water - wind reducing the use of fossil= induced BEBSSS!!®

MARCOPOLO ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP plays a very diversified activity in the environmental field, through its group companies, applying directly its technologies and know-how, result of a deep research work.