Our history

The First Steps

The environmental culture of MARCOPOLO ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP(MEG) was born from a practical need. The environmentally journey, in fact, begins in the 70s by the need to dispose of the sewage produced by cattles, family activities of Antonio Bertolotto, founder and self-taught inventor of the patents and processes of MARCOPOLO. This need was felt in 1976 by the advent of the new law that would regularize the spreading of animal manure (known in the past as Merli Law, now Regulatory on Nitrates) depending on the number of hectares of land per kg of meat reared.


The Evolution

From 1978 to 1986, as CYCLE LTD, the company realized the first units of "Bio-active transformation" by building plants in Italy, France, Spain, Lebanon and Germany.
From 1985 to 1988, the company, as MARCOPOLO BOS SRL, start out its national, international and trans-atlantic exploration; in fact, in the site of Bernezzo (CN), carries out basic research on biotechnology and renewable energy, limiting to countries such as Portugal, Tunisia, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, South Africa and Philippines, feasibility studies on composting of organic fraction of municipal solid waste; in Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador and Bolivia, the execution of applied research on solid waste.
In 1989 the company changed its name in MARCOPOLO ENGINEERING SRL and refine, from a technical standpoint, the processes in use, starting sales and marketing, combining economics and ecology for the environment.
As of 12 July 2004, becomes MARCOPOLO ENGINEERING SPA

The Evolution of Logo

The meaning of the name:

MARCOPOLO’s name takes its origin from the ambitions and achievements of the famous conqueror Marco Polo, the italian man who sailed from Venice to the conquest of the East, discovering unknown worlds and civilizations and exporting our culture in the world. This is also the mission supporting Marcopolo Environmental Group who has always invented, designed and patented its knowledge by exporting and enriching the cultural heritage and the environment around the world.


MARCOPOLO brand adventure started in 1985, when MARCOPOLO BOS Ltd collected the legacy of past business realities founded by Antonio Bertolotto and started a series of feasibility studies and research throughout the world, finally entering the field of biotechnology and renewable energy. The brand shows the figure of the famous Venetian explorer who travels, studies, reports and exports treasures in / from the world.  


In 1989, the Company changed its name in MARCOPOLO ENGINEERING Srl and began the commercialization of its patents and processes, combining economics and ecology for the environment. The brand evolved, resulting, in the text, with the character "Optima" that still distinguishes it today, by enclosing in a word the name of the great traveler, which still dominates the portrait "shot up" in white on blue background.


The today’s name Marcopolo Environmental Group was born in 1992, when the company brings together MARCOPOLO ENGINEERING Srl,  MARCOPOLO UTILITIES Srl, INDUSTRY and RECOVERY. The structure of the logo takes on a more technical and industrial comply with the new organization.




From 2000 to 2002, the logo is enriched again with a reference to the city of Venice, the birthplace of the explorer. This signifies the growing importance of MARCOPOLO ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP.




In 2003, the logo will then assume the final form, that still exists: green color of the character, the green commitment to the environment and greater clarity of the mark, showing only the name, test a strong cultural identity and business. Since 2004, the logo is further enriched, reflecting the culture and MARCOPOLO mission: to bring knowledge, skills and values throughout the world. The reference to the traveler's world can be seen not only by the name, but from the globe above the name of the group, which stands for the activity at 360 ° in relation to environmental protection. The green color refers to the commitment "green" environmentally friendly.