Role and objectives of Communication in MARCOPOLO

The messages MARCOPOLO uses in its communication are organized as to achieve specific goals, adapted to the particular needs of the company. We can identify four macro objectives:

  1. Promoting the company and its activities to spread value, by raising awareness to the social and environmental responsibility in line with the existing environmental laws
  2. Creating an effective and efficient way to attract new customers and retaining the existing ones through the dissemination of messages and advice responsibly and socially useful
  3. Educating and motivating the staff enabling its capability to communicate the need and importance of an intangible product such as green energy, becoming the main sponsor
  4. Becoming a partner and supporter of the initiatives of the most important institutions and associations, such as Legambiente, Greenaccord, Slow Food (just to name a few), enhancing recognition and understanding

The objective is to disseminate information and knowledge relating to the production of green energy from renewable sources, such as those produced by MARCOPOLO, which contribute in an exemplary manner to protect the environment, safeguarding creation, because the real Green Energy is the only one solving a problem, that of global pollution.

"Let's build a future environmentally correct"