Organizational model

MARCOPOLO ENGINEERING SpA - Ecological Systemsís policiy idea is that every human activity produces effects that can interfere and / or damage the environment. In this way, it recognizes the importance of environmental aspects, its personal health and safety.
The principal aim is to minimize risks for the environment and for humanity.
For this reason, Marcopolo Engineering SpA improves its processes quality, patents and products.

MARCOPOLO ENGINEERING SpA - Ecological Systemís aim is to create value through:

  • the destruction / reclamation of landfill biogas through the energy recovery;
  • the electricity production from renewable sources (biomass, wind, solar, hydroelectric);
  • the research and technological innovations;
  • the development of both fungal bioactivators and industrial, agrotechnical and zootechnical drugs in order to reclamate industrial land and accelerate the decomposition process (eliminating its foul-smelling exhalations);
  • the zootechnical sewage transformation into soil improvers with high biological value without energy consumption and with electricity self-production;
  • the used resources exploitation;
  • the creation of tangible and intangible profit.

MARCOPOLO ENGINEERING SpA - Ecological Systems respects safety regulations and environment. Moreover it pursues the improvement of its services, the protection of its employees and the safety of those who operate with.
MARCOPOLO ENGINEERING SpA - Ecological Systems activates procedures in order to prevent non-conformities occurrece.

MARCOPOLO ENGINEERING SpA - Ecological Systemís aim is to:

  • improve the the company management system  performance;
  • provide adeguate and appropriate resources for the Integrated Management System implementation;
  • disclose the policy;
  • promote communication;
  • operate in compliance with national and EU laws;
  • pay attention to pollution, waste generation and consumption optimization;
  • keep every regulatory requirement;
  • improve its environmental efficiency and the safety conditions of every part involved;
  • sensitize stakeholders (as employees), customers, suppliers, citizens and authorities to environment safety through an efficient communication;
  • improve pollutionís prevention and decrease environmental accidents;
  • sensitize employees to environmental issues in order to stimulate a responsible behavior, even outside the workplace;
  • save resources;
  • reduct environmental impact through the use of the best technologies;
  • prevent, control and reduce, waste production;
  • manage processes and activities according to criteria for environmental protection;
  • involve staff on Companyís environmental aspects;
  • operate for the safety of environment;
  • execute every work in absolute safety with the awareness that every injury is unacceptable, without distinction between employees;
  • respect of work health and safetyís law which represents the minimum level of adequacy;
  • carry out a continuous analysis of the risks in order to activate workers safety;
  • adoption of a system that has either eliminate every risk or reduce them to a minimum;
  • adoption of the best technologies, combined with the control and updating of working methods, in order to guarantee the improvement of health and safety at work;
  • promote training and information initiatives to spread and consolidate the culture of health and safety at work;
  • recognize the key role played by each worker, through the active participation and promotion of improvement initiatives;
  • promote attention to health and safety among contractors / suppliers and guarantee high safety levels for its staff;
  • prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases;
  • prevent accidents and emergency situations;
  • increase the training level regarding safety in the workplace;
  • promote training courses in order to improve employees skills;
  • implement methods in order to guarantee staff satisfaction (in professional and economic terms);
  • guarantee IT equipment access to employees;
  • protect company information from threats (both internal and external, both voluntary and accidental) to guarantee the integrity requirements;
  • guarantee the security internal knowledge.

The policy is communicated to every MARCOPOLO ENGINEERING SpA - Ecological Systems employees.  Documents and meetings are made in order to involve the staff. In this way, everyone is informed and everybody can understand and support every activity. Everyone has to work in order to activate the policy through its own skills and abilities.Annual checks allows to verify if the aims have been achieved, if Companyís activities have been improved and if the information at the relevant levels of the organization is appropriate to the objectives.This policy is accessibled to employees, customers, suppliers and guests. Moreover it can be distributed to those that make an explicit request.                                                                                                                        

LíAmministratore Unico
Antonio Bertolotto